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Prima Capital Group

Prima Sp. z o.o. Multitrade Company has, since 1991, been a dynamically developing enterprise with Polish capital.

Our business was launched as a fruit and vegetables exporting company and after a number of successful years on the market we decided to broaden our offer with a several new service and production branches.

Recently Prima has become a Capital Group covering a wide range of companies.

Multitrade Company "PRIMA" Sp. z o.o.
"PRIMA" Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gośniewska 46, 05-660 Warka
woj. mazowieckie
tel. (048) 667 28 87, 667 20 40
faks (048) 667 21 00

We are looking for partners for cooperation

We are not afraid of any challenge

We ensure a reliable service and a professional
approach for each Customer

FUM – „WARKA” Mechanical devices factory

Being the owner of a company with 100 years of tradition the Prima capital group currently starts the production of wide range of products. Today in FUM area there is the chemical laboratory and the vehicles recycling point.

Prima LOGISTICS – Overall logistics services

Prima LOGISTICS has modern storage depots in Grójec and Warka. The company provides a wide range of services:

  • international and domestic transport and spedition
  • confectioning
  • storage
  • distribution of refrigeration equipment, market exploration

Prima MED – Private clinic

Prima MED is one of the finest clinics in the region. The consulting-rooms provide high standards, and highly qualified personnel is available. An additional advantage is localization – in the centre of Warka, at the market square.

ASPRIM – Customs Agency

Customs Agency "ASPRIM" specializes in export of goods from the agro-food industries, which are supported by the Agency for Agricultural Market under the Common Agricultural Policy.

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